About Us

Lush Landscape Concepts blossomed in 2014 by owners Chris and Terri after a combined 31 years of experience and college degree from Texas A&M. The passion behind owning their own business was to enhance their family life and provide high-quality landscaping to keep elegant, expensive lawns in top-tier condition. In addition, they enjoy partnering directly with property owners to make sure every facet of the outside experience of the home or business is to their standards. They want the landscape to match the aesthetics of the home and reflect the property owner to become an extension of the home and not just a yard.

Of course after 31 years of experience they understand the importance of being fully insured landscapers, even though it is not required by their profession. Lush Landscape Concepts knows accidents may happen but being covered allows them less worry for their clients and a faster resolution if needed. The Lush team enjoys partnering with both residential and commercial clients while providing all types of services from landscape and irrigation installations to one time enhancement services to annual maintenance packages.

The most popular service they provide is their annual maintenance program so clients can receive the maximum benefit with minimum worry.